Chinese Silk Road Adventure

There are few places on earth that can offer the sheer grandeur of China’s rich diversity of culture, history and landscapes. One of the oldest civilisations in the world, with an ancient pedigree that spans over 5000 years, China continues to influence the artistic and cultural traditions of the modern world. The evidence of its grand empire building lies scattered across its landscape, from the spectacular imagery of the Great Wall and the massed ranks of its Terracotta Warriors, to the fascinating settings of cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Kashgar.

Steeped in the history of the Silk Road, its position at the heart of the trade routes between the east and the west once saw caravans of silk and horses trailing across the deserts and mountains of Central Asia, heading towards the unknown lands beyond and opening up China to trade and riches beyond compare.

Today, China’s modern silk roads offer up new treasures and delights for the traveller. This land of teahouses, temples and lanterns provides a chance to explore the giant gorges of Yunnan and the endless rice terrace of Yangshou, trek through a world filled with the glories of ancient dynasties, or party amongst the glass towers of the new empire builders.

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