Water Front

The quintessential African safari destination, Kenya is home to the full sweeping range of wild African landscapes. The stuff of dreams and wildlife documentaries, its vast plains shake under the thundering onslaught of thousands of wildebeest and antelope, whilst the ever-present predators take centre stage as the epic drama unfolds. It really is everything that you imagined Africa would be, from cheetahs sitting on termite mounds, to crocodiles basking by the banks of the Mara River, just waiting for their cue.

Straddling the equator and overlying the East African Rift, the Republic of Kenya is named after Africa’s second highest mountain, which at over 5,100 metres dominates the landscape.

Home to a bountiful diversity of tribal traditions, Kenya’s landscapes encompass a rich mix of natural highlights, from the coastal plains of the Indian Ocean, to the fertile plateaus of the Kenyan Highlands, one of the most productive agricultural regions in Africa. To the west you can find the waters of Lake Victoria, the largest tropical fresh-water lake in the world, whilst its national parks provide an A-List of premier safari favourites. Kenya is “Out of Africa”, “Born Free” and “Big Cat Diary” rolled into one. This is Africa at its most beautiful, romantic and wild.


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