The Forest Park

The Forest Park will be the first Forest Tourism Adventure Park, in this part of the country. 

National museum of Unity Aleshinloye Ibadan, is an ideal place for this awesome project. The existing trees on the premises of the museum creates the right ambience for a forest park as the tourism experience here will be centered around the existing trees on the property.

The thick tree plantation that surrounds the premises is a great source of shelter belt for a forest park of this nature. The environment is serene devoid of any form of distraction and noise. Various adventure ideas and recreational structures are to be embedded among the trees, without adversely affecting the ecosystem of the forest itself. The whole idea is to make the trees a source of attraction to local and international tourists and visitors.

We plan to use existing facilities on the premises to achieve the aim of turning the forest to a park. So, we will be creating and recreating existing structures on the premises to fit into the goal of the project.

The project will have 3 sections, which will be developed in 3 phases, over the course of 3 years. The Sections are:

  1. The Forest Central Section

  2. The Forest Adventure Section

  3. The Forest Condo Section

Our target is to have heavy influx of tourists come into the premise of National Museum of Unity all year round. We want to create a destination where an average tourist can keep coming from time to time without exhausting the adventure and recreational facilities here.

The forest Adventure Section

A forest camping area will be constructed in the premises which will be the first of its kind camping experience destination in this part of the country.

The forest camp will have the capacity to accommodate 50 to 100 campers per time. It will create the avenue for large influx of tourist and fun seekers to the museum premises, all year round.

The forest camp area will have the following:

  1. Adventure Area

  2. Camp Tents Area

  3. Bonfire Area

  4. Forest Square Area

  5. Kids Playground

  6. Adventure Fitness Area

  7. Paint Ball Area


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